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The Ways To Wash Your Raincoat

Jun. 04, 2021

The Ways To Wash Your Raincoat

There must be a fresh and clean raincoat in spring to withstand the bad weather. Inevitably, you will need to wash your raincoat from time to time, whether it is simple site work or thorough cleaning, so use these tips to get the job done! Even the best raincoat needs to be washed. Wearing gleaming gear, you can stay dry and stylish throughout the spring.

How often to wash rain gear

The length of time you wash your raincoat and other rain gear varies. If you wear it to the office or school occasionally, or when you run errands in clothes like corduroy pants and cardigans, you may only need to wash it once a month or every other month. If you wear it more frequently, you may need to wash it every few weeks or every month. Wear raincoats often, or wear raincoats when hiking, jogging, biking, garden work, weightlifting or other physical exercise or heavy use, and may need to be washed once a week. You can also let your senses help you-if it looks clean and smells fresh, you can go, but if you notice any dirt, stains, debris (difficult to brush off), or smell, it may be time to clean.

Always read the raincoat care label

Although general guidelines are helpful, it is always important to read the specific instructions for your item. Raincoats are not all made of the same material, so knowing what material is best for your jacket can prevent accidental damage during washing. For example, a heavyweight jacket may have very different instructions from a packable jacket. Even if you buy the same style or brand, you have to check the care label. Sometimes the introduction of new materials or construction methods may affect the care needs of your jacket.

Don't wait for the time to clean up

In order to keep your raincoat in its best condition, pay attention to small stains, dirt or debris that need to be cleaned up regularly. When an accident occurs, cleaning small areas will help prevent stains from forming, and over time will make your coat easier to clean. Cleaning up the stain immediately also ensures that you won't forget where the stain appeared.

Set aside a good time to wash the raincoat

In most cases, after washing your raincoat, you need to allow enough time for it to dry, so allow some time when you know you don’t need it. Choose a long weekend or after get off work, when you know the weather forecast for a few days of sunny days. Then put on your favorite T-shirt dress or women's shorts and you are ready to go. (When you need to wash your raincoat, having a spare raincoat or another waterproof spring jacket may come in handy!)

Prepare your supply

Next, make sure you have the necessary materials for washing the raincoat. Depending on your raincoat type, the following things may come in handy:

Soft brush or sponge used to remove dirt or debris

Spot cleaner or a solution of white vinegar and water to clean stains and dirty places

Gentle environmentally friendly washing powder (environmentally friendly washing powder is a good choice)

Warm or cold water, depending on the care instructions of the jacket

Clothes hanger or drying rack to dry it

Start cleaning

First, gently shake or brush off the jacket to remove any loose debris. You may want to complete this step outdoors or in a mudroom. Next, look for stains or dirty areas that require special care. Spray or dab a mild stain cleaner or vinegar and water solution and let it stay for a few minutes to remove stubborn stains. Use a soft brush, sponge, or cloth to clean the area and repeat as needed until the spots and dirty areas are cleaned. Pay special attention to dirt in small areas such as pockets, zippers, and buttons. Next, you need to wash the jacket thoroughly.

Washing raincoat in washing machine

If the care instructions say that your raincoat can be washed in a washing machine, you can easily wash your jacket. This usually requires gentle washing with cold, cool or warm water. If you can wash your jacket in a washing machine, you may consider washing it separately. This has enough space to make it clean and ensure that the weight is not unevenly distributed. Make sure to close all zippers, hooks and loops, or other closures to prevent hooks. In addition, be sure to check your pockets before washing clothes. The second rinse ensures that all soap residues are rinsed away after cleaning.

Hand wash your rain jacket

Hand washing is another option for cleaning waterproof jackets. Use a large basin or washbasin and fill it with the water temperature suitable for your items. Put a small amount of detergent into the water and stir the water gently to disperse the detergent. Dip the rain jacket in the water and gently massage the areas most likely to appear dirt or odor. If there are stubborn areas, let the jacket soak in water and detergent for 30 minutes, and then re-check the stained or damaged areas. Wash stains or re-soak as needed to remove stains. Some stains, such as oil or grease, may require special cleaners to completely remove them. Rinse the jacket in a basin of clean water to make sure the foam disappears completely.

Dry it and prepare for a brand new day

Hang the raincoat to dry in a well-ventilated place. You can simply hang it on a hanger or put it on a drying rack to dry. Allow enough time for it to dry completely. Once it is dry, you can start a brand new day of feeling fresh and protected from the elements!

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