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Raincoats vs. Umbrellas: Which Would You Prefer?

Jun. 18, 2021

Raincoats vs. Umbrellas: Which Would You Prefer?

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When it rains, people often disagree on how to avoid being drenched by the downpour. Some people like to wear raincoats, while others like to bring umbrellas. But every piece of clothing has its advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the type of rainfall you experience, you need a raincoat rather than an umbrella, and vice versa. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a raincoat or using an umbrella:

The advantages of raincoats, the disadvantages of umbrellas

If there is too much rainfall, a raincoat can better keep the whole body dry, but it should be a raincoat such as a windbreaker; otherwise your legs will be wet. If the rain is moderate, the umbrella can keep you from getting wet. But if the water drops get bigger and bigger, they will definitely hit your legs and even your torso. Wearing a raincoat when it rains can keep your legs and torso dry.

Moreover, when the rain is pouring, it becomes more and more difficult to hold the umbrella. Not only do you have to avoid getting wet, but you also have to put in extra effort to hold up your umbrella, and your umbrella feels heavier and heavier.

Another advantage of wearing a raincoat is when the wind gets stronger. When the wind tries to blow the umbrella away, it is difficult to straighten the umbrella. But if you wear a raincoat, you won't have this problem.

Even if you start roaring, you can't take off your raincoat. Think about it: How many times have you seen weather reporters holding umbrellas during a live broadcast of a storm? They always wear raincoats because it is safer.

The advantages of umbrellas, the disadvantages of raincoats

If you like umbrellas, don't worry, because they also have their own advantages. With an umbrella, you can not only keep it dry, but also keep your backpack from getting wet from the rain.

A raincoat can cover your body, but it cannot cover your backpack or handbag, unless you put it under the raincoat, which will make you look silly. In addition, the raincoat is not so bulky, so your backpack or handbag cannot fit under the raincoat.

Another advantage of umbrellas is that they are easier to store after you return from the rain. When you enter your house or building, all you have to do is shake it to remove excess water-for the sake of etiquette, please do this before entering the building). Fold it up again and you can start. On the other hand, taking off the coat requires some time and skill. After that, you still need to drain the excess water; otherwise, you will create a puddle in the lobby of your office building.

If the rain is not too heavy, choose an umbrella. But if the sky is particularly dark and the weather forecaster says there will be strong winds, you should choose to wear a raincoat.



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