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How to Select a Ski Coverall for Your Kid?

Aug. 02, 2021

Skiing is a very pleasant and exciting sport. Going skiing with your children will not only give them exercise, but also make your relationship closer. The ski wear is specially designed for the sport of skiing, so the selection of ski wear is different from ordinary sportswear. Especially the selection of the ski coverall for kids is very important, so do you know how to select it?

Kid's Ski Coverall

Kid's Ski Coverall

Style Selection

There are two styles of children's ski wear, one-piece called coverall and split-piece. The ski coverall is relatively loose and easy to put on and take off. Because it is a one-piece, it is not easy for snow to get into the clothes, and it has good warmth retention. But when the child goes to the toilet, it is a little troublesome.

Split ski suits are more convenient to wear, but it is best to have suspenders when choosing pants. The ski bib plant is a good choice. The top should choose the waist in the middle and have a belt, the purpose is to prevent snow from entering the ski wear from the waist after sliding and falling. 

Kid's Ski Bib Pant

Kid's Ski Bib Pant

Color Selection

Because the snow field is white at first glance, you must choose brighter colors for your children, which are more eye-catching and easy to take pictures. It can also act as a reminder and search when there are many people. It is best to choose bright red, orange, sky blue, or eye-catching colors with multiple colors, and provide a striking sign to avoid collision accidents.

Design Selection

The opening of the ski coverall is best to use a large zipper, because it can be easily operated when wearing gloves. There must be several large pockets that are easy to open, so that commonly used ski equipment can also be put into them separately.

Material Selection

The outer material of the ski coverall should be made of wear-resistant, tear-proof, wind-proof, and nylon or tear-proof cloth material with windproof treatment on the surface is better. The inner layer of thermal insulation materials should be made of hollow cotton or DuPont cotton with better thermal insulation. In addition, the material of the inner lining of the clothes should also be soft. The waterproofness of the ski coverall is particularly important. Make sure that the material of the ski coverall is sufficient for the snow field where the baby can go.

Material Performance

Material Performance

Workmanship Selection

When selecting, carefully check the workmanship to see if there are obvious flaws, scratches, etc. on the surface. The sewing should be strong, the thread should be straight, and there should be no missing stitches. The collar, hem, cuffs and trousers are best equipped with Velcro or other windproof design to avoid air leakage. The zipper should be smooth and not jammed, and the buttons should be sewn firmly and not fall off.

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