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Benefits Of Washing Your Raincoat

Jul. 03, 2021

Benefits Of Washing Your Raincoat

You found a perfect raincoat. It is light weight, wind resistant, waterproof and stylish. You spent time and money to buy this jacket. But like any good investment, you want it to last. Even the most durable and waterproof jackets lose their effectiveness over time. But this does not mean there is something wrong with this jacket-heavy rains, snowstorms and muddy terrain will cause damage. Washing your raincoat can ensure that it will last for many seasons.

The benefits of washing your raincoat

A dirty jacket will not only affect the appearance. It will also weaken its effectiveness against various factors. In the wet summer, when it starts to rain, you not only want to stay dry, but comfortable. In addition to rain, dust, body oils, dust and even smoke can easily enter the fibers. These will affect the function of your jacket. If your jacket loses its water repellency, the fabric will begin to absorb moisture from the surface, reduce breathability, and increase the weight of your clothes. The process of absorbing water is called "wetting out", and once this process begins, it's time to clean your technical enclosure.

Spot treatment

The first thing to do is to take a quick look. If there are no stains on the clothes, you would never want to put it in the washing machine. Don't hesitate, first use a brush and professional soap to remove stains and wine stains (after skiing), and then throw it in the washing machine.

Wash your waterproof jacket

Standard detergents use ingredients to help water penetrate into the fibers to achieve deeper cleaning. Although this is great for ordinary clothes, the residue of washing powder will make the fabric more absorbing-this is what you don't want to get from a repellent jacket. In this case, we recommend a technical detergent which can clean the shell and protect the material. When you throw your jacket in the washing machine, check that there is no residual detergent before adding detergent.

Dry the raincoat after washing

Here, you have to be careful. Heating helps to restore the waterproof treatment, but too much heat can damage the fabric. Before doing anything, be sure to read the label instructions carefully. If it’s not clear, let the jacket dry on low for 20 minutes, then hang it up.



How to re-waterproof your jacket

In some cases, a quick wash can restore the waterproof performance of your jacket. Over time, the "good as new" effect of the washing machine will gradually disappear, and it is time to introduce additional reinforcement measures. This quick and simple process leaves a waterproof treatment on each fiber, allowing the jacket to be protected while maintaining breathability.

Before applying a new waterproof treatment to the case, be sure to clean the case. Otherwise, dust or residues will stay trapped in the fabric.

After washing your raincoat-you can go back outdoors!

Once the treatment is done, you are good to go.

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